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Meeting of the Hermitage Friends The Hermitage – Staraya Derevnya. The future begins today

19 February 2016

On March 3, 2016 a regular meeting of the Hermitage Friends’ Club was held at the Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Centre.

The Hermitage Friends had an opportunity to see the newest and the most interesting things before the rest, including the exhibits of the not yet opened Costume Museum.    

Traditionally, Radio Guide Company acted as a technical sponsor of the event, providing the general meeting with a system for simultaneous translation - IntelRG.  

In order to hold excursions, the company offered the Radioguide RG-07 equipment, which allowed the visitors, without losing any information, to enjoy the new exhibits - more than 40 new costumes available in the open storage route, including over 20 modern costumes and art objects which were given to the Hermitage for the last years.  

The general meeting of the Friends’ Club was attended by Mikhail Borisovich Piotrovsky, the General Director of the State Hermitage, and Svetlana Borisovna Adaksina, the Head of conservation for a museum. Nina Ivanovna Tarasova, the curator of the costume collection told about the exhibits presented at the Restoration and Storage Centre, thanking the donators, many of whom were present at the meeting.

The general public will be able to see all the unique exhibits presented at the Museum Depository by joining the excursion with the open storage route at the Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Centre.