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Transregional exhibition of Crimean tour operators “Crimea. Season 2016”

16 February 2016

On 17-19 February 2016, the city of Yalta (the Crimean Republic) hosted the Tourism Fair “Crimea. Season – 2016”. It is the largest official event, which is designed to identify and address the problems of tourist business, combining tourist community of individuals and legal entities in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, and, ultimately, to develop the offers of the Crimean tourism industry for the upcoming season. 

The fair was attended by over 500 representatives of sanatorium sphere of Crimea, around 250 representatives of travel agencies and media from other regions of Russia, as well as the Directors of administrations of all resort regions of the peninsula.

The event included dozens of presentations of tourism and investment potentials of the Crimean regions, seminars and round tables devoted to the conditions and the specifics of organization of the tourist season in 2016 in Crimea.

Radio Guide Company presented its new product - Souvenir Audio-guide MS-15, which caused a genuine interest among the museums and hotels of the Republic of Crimea. Dozens of lease agreements and partner agreements were concluded with the travel agencies of the region to sell the audio-guides to the guests of Crimea.