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Yet another development of Radio Guide was listed among “100 best products of Russia”

19 May 2016

On June 30, 2016 multi-channel simultaneous interpreting system IntelRG, manufactured and upgraded by the engineers of Radio Guide LLC, was highly praised by experts during one of the rounds of “100 best products of Russia” competition in St. Petersburg in the nominated category: “industrial goods for the public”.

On the whole, IntelRG equipment has scored 44.8 points and was even recommended by the high jury for participation in the “Import Substitution” competition nomination.

It should be noted that for the past eighteen years the program of “100 best products of Russia” competition has been implemented by Interregional Public Organization “Academy of Quality Problems” and the Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology. The popular in Russia independent competition has cleared the way to national market for a wide range of goods, which have gained the honorary right to be ranked among the best products.

Radio Guide Company takes part in this program on a regular basis. Every year the company submits for experts’ approval its recent developments.

The primary objective of the competition is to continue active facilitation of organizations’ potential consolidation in terms of accomplishing the task set by the President of Russia V.V. Putin relating to competitive growth of the real sector of economy, import substitution and filling the Russian national market with domestically produced high-quality goods.

The nominee of the competition in 2016 – a multi-channel digital radio system IntelRG was developed by Radio Guide Company based on the digital technology as early as in 2010. It represents a hardware system for simultaneous interpreting at conferences and various events with international participation. In 2015 IntelRG system was seriously upgraded. A new equipment configuration made it possible to create optimal conditions for high-quality simultaneous interpreting virtually in the field environment.

Now that the victory at the regional round is behind, IntelRG equipment will come to the federal level. We count on recognition and adequate valuation of achievement of radio engineers from St. Petersburg. The trends of the competition 2016 are clearly marked by the motto: “Be a patriot – give your home country the best goods!”